Tuesday, October 11, 2016

The Healing of the Ten Lepers, Texas Style

Once there were ten college football quarterbacks who had lost their ability to play. They were shunned and off by themselves, wondering what, if anything, the future held for them. The quarterbacks were from all over; University of Texas, Texas A&M, Southern Methodist, Baylor, Houston, etc.

One day, the late great John Heisman appeared at a distance. "Mr Heisman, have mercy on us! We've lost our abilities as quarterbacks!" the group cried out! Heisman told them to return to their teams and to tell their coaches they were to be starters again. As they left, they were tossing the ball around and found that they were once again able players.

One of these, upon realizing he was healed, ran back to John and threw himself at Heisman's feet. Now, he was from Oklahoma! Heisman looked at the young man and said, "Did I not save 10 of you? Where are the nine? Today I tell you that this year you will win the Heisman trophy."

This story tells us about the outsider's life of gratitude. Through Jesus Christ we have salvation. We are to live our lives in response to that. If we truly understand the magnitude of this gift from God, then we cannot help but to be grateful people.

What do people see when they look at you? Do they see someone who is grateful for the gift of God's salvation? Do they see you as someone who, no matter the situation, is joyful in all things? The leper who returned was a Samaritan, one who was despised by the Jewish people, yet he was the only one to return to Jesus to give thanks.

Let us live our lives in response to Jesus' mercy on us. Let us live as grateful and joyous people!